Methods Of Communication.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – February 15, 2008.

My first foray into the Akashic Library took me deep into relaxation, and I witnessed a rounded, 3D triangle of blurry white light being hurled at my chest. It jolted me physically, enough to rouse me from the deep state. I have no idea what it means.

George answered: “That happened to me in 1972 or (as early as) 1971, and I was told such an event counts as communication. My ‘triangle shape’ represented the Trinity of Creative Forces.”
This is what I still believe to this day, and it was after the time of the triangles (there were a number of such ‘sightings’) that my ability to visualize, and my seeing my Celestial Friends in bright colors, improved.

From another Akashic Construct student: When I first began to meditate, I would see purple and green lights that moved about, sometimes over my head, sometimes beside me, and sometimes through me. They were always a bit hazy and indistinct, except on one occasion. I saw them clearly, and I was surprised to discover that they were really greenish light beings that emitted a purple, conical light ahead of them. On one occasion they moved through my head and I could feel the effect in my sinuses. It was painful there for a couple days, but I trust they did something very beneficial for me. They don’t come around quite so often now, but I know these Purple Light Creatures are my good Friends, and when they appear, they are sent to help me.

From yet another student: I have been trying to get into the Akashic Construct more often this week. I am attempting to be more consistent with it, with the hope that I will be able to make Celestial contact soon. I am still not able to get into my scene in nature, or any other visual scene, although today I was seeing vibrant colors behind my eyelids as I was listening to the words on the CD.

Prior to starting the meditation, I asked Mother Spirit to come to me. After following along with the relaxation instructions, I kept seeing vibrant greens and purples pass behind my eyelids. These colors kept coming in waves. Then something happened, which I found interesting; the green color began to take shape. The vibrant green colors that I was seeing behind my eyelids began to form into the shape of a woman. The green color clearly formed the outline of a woman’s hair, face and torso. The image would fade away and then form again. This happened at least three times, and then the image faded completely.

Was this the first attempts at contact from ‘the other side,’ or was I just imagining this? I don't believe that I was imagining this. I would say that the vibrant green colors that I saw behind my eyelids were definitely taking on the shape of a woman.

George answers: “It is a form of contact. The Akashic Construct teaches us to become still, almost nonchalant, to let it happen, not to make it happen, to count on nothing other than to be revitalized, and to expect anything at all, even astounding miracles.

It pays to remember that we are training ourselves to receive information that is truly soul-felt, and not one of us knows what the human soul is really like. Consequently, we neither know all its needs, nor can we grasp how and what it senses. All we need to be able to do is trust that we are being communicated with, and on occasions adjusted and healed.

There’s instant coffee, and instant cream, but not often instant Celestial. It usually takes time, and easy does it. We crawl before we walk, and we walk before we run. We learn the ABC before we write lengthy dissertations.

It seems we can on occasions mix it with ‘the Green and Purple Light Creatures’ before we mix it with the Melchizedeks.

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