The Morontia Mind.

From the documentation By the Grace of 11:11.

The Morontia Mind, or Mid Mind is what the Midwayer function with. For a human to become a recipient of the first aspect of the Morontia Mind takes a lot of meditation and "right living," and such a recipient would be classed an Enlightened One—one who may have unique contact with the spirit world—one often classed as a wise one. The sudden arrival of this mind endowment can truly upset the males—less often the females, and possibly because Mother Spirit is the One who "supplies" that new mind endowment. However, Selene Freeman was not so lucky, and she told me:

“I did something really ridiculous. I moved into my new home—it adjoins a farm like this place—and I got it all set up for my yoga classes. Then I gave myself a day off, just to relax and meditate. It had been raining nonstop for two days, but then the sun came out. In the field, next to my house, there appeared this huge circle of mushrooms. It was a perfect circle! Perfect! And the crowns of the mushrooms were almost touching each other. I stood by my window and looked at this circle of white in that beautiful green grass, and it seemed to call me. It did, truly, call me. And I went outside and I slipped through the wire into the field. I hopped into that circle and danced around like a six-year-old, George. I can’t recall ever having done anything that stupid, but I felt so elated. I was on a high that seemed to have come from nowhere. Even hours of yoga, or meditation, have never done that for me. It was only during the next day that I began to worry about what people might have thought. It still bothers me. I think I’m going mad.”

I figured it had simply been a stressful time for Selene with a death in the family, a business sold, a new home purchased almost 800 miles from her regular haunts, and (would she get enough yoga students?) setting up her classroom and wondering about her success as a teacher. She knew no one in our area. She was probably just a little "funny," I thought. She had hardly been bathing in the town fountain, and been recorded by a press photographer. That would have been a little more serious.

Shortly afterwards, there was a report of an enlightenment event more easily identified. I asked to watch it in retrospect, and was granted a colorful view of it. I said, “Thank you!” Then I heard a distinctly female voice, loud and clear, “What about dancing around inside a ring of mushrooms?”

I cried, “Oh, no-o-o!” “Oh, yes!” sounded the voice. It was filled with the dry but appropriate humor of that very instant. Here was a Midwayer with a sense of the ludicrous! It was time to telephone Selene Freeman, give her the good news, and erase all human doubts.


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