Wrapped Tightly In Negative Feelings And Emotions.

An Akashic Construct Participant reports – March 21, 2006

This morning when I awoke, I stayed in my bed, and decided to visit my Akashic Library, but without the use of the Akashic Construct CD. I have been there many times in the past, but in recent months my visits have been infrequent. I decided that instead of receiving a patient, or meeting with a Celestial, that perhaps it would be best if I just re-familiarized myself with my workshop, and so I began the task of examining the furnishings and the equipment.

I was in the process of pulling a book from the shelf when an elderly woman appeared behind me. She seemed truly ‘ancient’, with her lovely white hair pulled up on her head in a neat tuck. Her skin was very pale, her eyes lively and penetrating, yet she looked kindly upon me and smiled.

As she took my arm and led me to a couch, her skin felt very soft and I noticed a few age spots on her arm. She began to converse with me about what I wanted to accomplish in my mortal life. She reminded me that some time ago I had made an important life-changing decision, and that now was the time to allow it to come to pass without regrets, guilt, and what-ifs.

She went on to explain that the worries and ‘self-appointed’ guilt that I was experiencing was poisoning my system, both physically and spiritually. I was ‘wrapped tightly in negative feelings and emotions’, which needed to be released, so that my systems would be free to absorb the ‘traits of The Spirit’.

She said, “You must face your fears and feelings of inadequacy, and then put them aside, and move forward in faith and trust.”

She came and went without asking for anything, or telling me about herself, and I am still puzzled as to who this wise woman could have been. It is obvious that she wasn’t a patient and yet she didn’t seem like a Celestial either. While we were talking, the question flashed through my head, ‘Could this woman be a much older and wiser me?’

What do you think, George?


George: I have no idea, other than former humans having the choice of appearing as older individuals, and many do. She might well have been a mortal, making herself available for random healings, like I do, leaving it to the Midwayers to put me where ‘things’ are most urgent. But anything is possible. We know still so very little about the Midway Realm this early into the Correcting Time.

Participant’s note: I went to check the spelling of a word in a very big old dictionary, and low and behold, I opened the book at the exact page! Thanks guys! Tee-hee! :-)


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