Jim Is Very Persistent.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – February 16, 2008.

Today’s meditation filled me brimful and I wanted to share. I had asked to meet with my Celestial Friend. Meanwhile, my daughter was in my clinic while my dear Physicians healed her with the radiance of the rainbow.

The whole time I was ‘happily impatient’ to be off and away, reaching out for him to take me. Suddenly we were among the stars. I was in the outer most of space, reveling in the spectrum of light. Suddenly we found ourselves in a daisy covered meadow. Baby blue sky above, purple snowcapped mountains reigned behind us, as the grassy meadow stretched on forever. Nebadonia was waiting, sitting on a blanket. As I joined her we sat basking in the light of the rainbow.

Next, I was standing, talking to my Celestial Friend. I thought myself to be (or watched myself) conversing, while my Spirit bounced and buoyed like a balloon. I was thinking, ‘My body is only the tether that keeps me anchored to this world … necessary for now … to learn all that I came here to know.”

We were joined in the meadow by Christ Michael. I invited all those close to me to share this moment, and instantly they appeared beside us, joining hands and soaking in the gift, absorbing the light. All was silent, faces raised skyward as shafts of colorful light and love streamed down upon us. I was thoroughly, contentedly happy in that perfect place.

I realize that in many of my most significant meditations I am trying to include others, usually it involves those from the message board. Lately, since December, I have also been having contact with a Celestial Messenger named Jim, while not in meditation. His contacts have been specific to a few of the people on the boards. He is back now, so I’m assuming it is the right time I share this information with you. For some reason I feel this is significant to our meeting in Sedona in 2010.

And … as is possible … I could simply be off my rocker! :o)

While we are in the early stages of contact, sudden visual images (mostly seeming guesses on my part), and a physical sensation strengthening or lessening depending on if I guess correctly.

I wanted to let you know that this was happening to me. I wondered if maybe I should run the simple messages of ‘You are loved,’ ‘And your departed loved one is safe,’ by you first, since they are for people on the boards? In the past I have held on to a great deal of guilt for not delivering messages, but will abide by your wishes.

On the other hand, they seem to be urgent messages, and Jim is very persistent for me to deliver them. I guess I’m asking for your input even though I know how busy you all are, and would gladly be referred to someone else if you think it is best.

George answers: You already are a powerful healer, and now you’re being groomed to become a receiver. It goes with the territory

Well, it did for me, and in that very way. Go for it!

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