A Personal Akashic Construct Experience.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – December 25, 2007.

My recent experiences can only be described as personally devastating, and so I asked that a celestial teacher would come forward during my Akashic mediation.

He introduced himself as OPHELUS. He said he would be by my side to help guide me through these extremely difficult times. I started to tell him about my life goals and how many people would actually benefit from me resolving my conflict and being in a better space. I talked about my life mission of healing others, and how I felt this was my special gift.

At that instant I could feel my heart chakra open up to expand beyond my physical body! At that moment I knew the Universe was in agreement with me. As I was glowing in this wonderful feeling, I asked Ophelus to open up my 6th chakra or 3rd eye. I felt some mild pressure there and then felt a spinning sensation.

This feeling began to grow as I felt this area expand. I then found myself asking for the 7th chakra or crown chakra to be opened up as well. I found myself telling Ophelus that I wanted to speed up my communications with him and other celestials. I told him I needed to quickly move beyond the earthbound trauma that I had recently experienced and to serve others with my highest purpose here on Earth.

Ophelus agreed, and he asked that I call on him whenever I needed his assistance. I thanked him as we parted. I felt very humbled by this meeting, and I only wished it could have lasted longer.

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