Pets In The Akashic Library.

An Akashic Construct participant writes

My two dogs and my cat were used to being by my side, or at the very least within sight of me, at all times during the day. They felt left out when I refused to allow them access to the room where I worked in the Akashic Construct, and they made their presence known by whining and scratching at the door. It was very distracting.

With a plan in mind, I entered my Akashic Library, already knowing that I would have some ‘patients’, although they were unlikely to be of the human kind. I watched with anticipation as my elevator rose to the surface. It appeared to be empty, but I waited. The little troublemakers would be there, I was sure of it!

The doors opened and three pets greeted me enthusiastically. Chaos immediately ensued as my golden retriever bounded across the room in the search of a toy. Now where did he find that ball? As I threw the ball for the tireless canine, I noticed my rascal of a kitty had discovered the pond and the bright fishes that dwelt in its depths. As I smiled at the cat’s behavior, the thought flashed across my mind that it would serve him right if there were sharks in the pond on the day!

Of course, a remorseful me immediately repented of having such a negative thought. My black Labrador was also by the pond. He immediately leaped into its cool water, dipping his head, and splashing water everywhere as he shook himself dry. I proceeded to show the Labrador (the unofficial group leader) my library, and explained to him why it was so important that they rest quietly, while I work with my patients in the Akashic Construct.

I quietly considered the Labrador’s eyes; those beautiful brown eyes I had seen a thousand times, and his eyes caught mine, understandingly. These dear pets have been so important to me. Each of them is so different from the other, having their individual strengths and weaknesses. They look at me with unwavering love and devotion, such complete faith in my always providing for their material and emotional needs.

Faith on a spiritual level is such a precious thing. It opens the door to the infinite knowledge of the Universe. I realize that God will always provide what I need for the day, especially in the spiritual sense. I may desire this gift or that, but He always knows just what I need at any moment, and it will be given to me, never be held back.

I imagine that my visit to my library had a double meaning. Firstly, my pets will better understand my needs when I am in my workshop, and secondly, I will have more faith and trust in Father to provide my daily needs for soul growth and emotional stability, just as my pets have exhibited great faith in my love for them.

Put your faith and trust in Father. His love will never let you down, and His timing is impeccable.

I got the idea for bringing my pets into the Akashic Library from a story about swallows that I had very much enjoyed on one of the 11:11 websites.

Since their visit to my private domain, my pets have not once interfered with the healing work I do in My Akashic Library.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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