A Profound Experience.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – July 4, 2007.

After reading “A Short Lesson -- Forgive And Forget”, a transmission from Samuel of Panoptia, I thought about how difficult this process could be, if one truly felt wronged. After mulling over this subject for a few days, I decided to ask for guidance from one of the Celestials in my Akashic Construct. Both, a person I could not forgive, and I, became the patients, and a cute, short Celestial came to greet us.

This Celestial was about 4 foot tall and had a light brown skin color. I noticed that all the joints in his hands, feet and limbs were very rounded and protruded with thick leathery skin over them. His head was very large with an indentation in the top of the scalp, and he had large eyes.

The other patient and I were seated next to each other, and as the session began, the Celestial put his hands on the head of the patient next to me. The Celestial talked about the hurt and pain I was feeling in my heart, and he spoke directly to the patient. The patient acknowledged that he understood my hurt, and was very sorry for any lasting damage he might have caused me.

I felt so validated at that moment. I am still at a loss for words to describe it, but I felt as though the healing was complete, and we were finished. Then, to my surprise, the Celestial came over to me, and in the same manner, put his hands on my head and told me about the other patient’s hurt and pain, which I unknowingly had caused as a result of my feeling wronged.

I had no idea that I, too, had contributed to the ill feelings between us. I felt a great deal of shame as, up until that moment, I had refused to accept any blame for the situation, and I could not even imagine forgiving this person for his actions.

With that knowledge, the Celestial knew both his patients had completed the work they had asked assistance for. I thanked the Celestial for showing up at my request, and for his expertise.

During the eighteen months in which I have been practicing the Akashic Construct, I have never lived through such a profound experience. I guess all my prayers for divine intervention really worked.

Teacher Samuel’s transmit, “A Short Lesson -- Forgive And Forget”, is right here:

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© 11:11 Progress Group.
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