Quiet Time with God.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – May 28th, 2008.

I had not been spending that quiet time with God. I felt I had been too busy to do that, yet my soul longed for that contact that only our spiritual self can instigate by us taking the time to walk with God, talk with God, commune with God.

I had to get away from the inner turmoil that I felt, as I worried about my putting off until the last minute an important homework assignment. I had been doing the preliminaries -- my ‘research’ portion -- for several days. The writing part would have to take place today; the deadline, probably minutes from midnight, just barely ‘legal.’ Yes that pressure! And also feeling like I never actually got enough done at my job, and also not taken the time to do my exercise walks. This made me feel, sort of small, and like someone who needed to get away from it all.

I went out into the blazing sun and 96 degree weather as I resolved to go for a short 30-minute walk. A few steps into it, I thought about the Akashic Construct and decided to do that at the same time, so then I started the descent through the rainbow colors. The blazing sun would not stop me?! Then I turned a corner and started to realize that I really needed to get out of the sun for the Construct to be effective (I remember George’s admonition to not sit in the sun directly when attempting to go to the AC).

As I walked onward, I felt so sad that I was not able to visualize my favorite place in nature that I thought to be so necessary as part of the experience. However, as I was walking, I was noticing the trees, the grass color, all the details everywhere, and I was enjoying my walk, even though I probably would not enter my Akashic Construct that day. I thought that the Celestial Visitors could walk with me right at that moment, that this would be my living Akashic Construct, and that is exactly what occurred.

Jesus assured me that He was there with me, and would always be! It was so nice to take a walk with Jesus! I felt that His love and understanding went way beyond my own, but that He did not mind that. He was there, and He appreciated me, and welcomed me to this meditation. It was wonderful. The sun continued to blaze, I continued to walk, and I was happy to take this 30 minutes in my life to think of love, kindness, beauty, and understanding, and our Creator’s never-ending love for us all.

I did get my homework done. It turned out to be fairly easy to do, and I had to laugh that when I sent it in by e-mail, the time said 21:12:01 -- the numbers inverted (21:12) is a little game with the Celestials. Any doubles or inversions and I am right there, paying attention! I got a ‘pass’ on the homework. My teacher sent the next one to me, and now will start on this next one today, and I won’t put it off!

Love to all,

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