Meditation On Firing The Grid, and Confirmation of a Reality.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – July 17, 2007.

I find myself back in the Greek Isles, where I had been taken for the past two days in meditation. Before me was the eight inch turquoise stone I‘d been given the day before. I considered if I should I hold it, or sit on it. I knew I was to meditate with it for Firing The Grid. It seemed fitting as it probably represented the Earth.

I wandered around by myself for several minutes, practicing sending out love, eliminating any negative thoughts that came to me.

After a time I was afraid I was going to fail to connect with the Grid, and unsure about what I should be doing next. I asked my Thought Adjuster to be with me, and then we stood side by side and held hands ! Suddenly, everyone who was participating in the healing emerged out of the fog, and we all joined hands and sent our love up to the heavens. Ah ! This is as it should be !

After a few minutes Christ Michael, Nebadonia, and angels materialized before us. They handed each of us huge cut diamonds to hold, which were probably six inches in diameter. I surmised this was to amplify our vibration. We all linked arms and held our diamonds – everyone – humans and angels together ! We sent out love.

Blue and white flower buds appeared on the ground before us, then they bloomed. They were the color of the sky and the clouds. Off to my right flashed a black and white Chinese screen print, it depicted a tree, and I’m not quite sure of the signifigance of this.

It was a solemn, spiritual occasion, with all of us dressed in blue and white pressed tunics. I looked down and saw we were now standing on a glass bridge that covered a neon blue river streaming beneath our feet. I remember thinking, ‘We must have done it.’ The color was breathtaking.

Suddenly we were in the ocean laughing and playing in huge waves. I had become a younger version of myself, trying to steady a raft with children on board, as one after another they were diving into the water. I tried to explain that the waves were too big for me to hold the raft when it overturned, dumping everyone else into the water. They were surprised to find themselves drenched, but we were laughing.

I roused myself from meditation at 8:16. I had meditate with a large crystal, and it was now burning hot to the touch. Feeling somewhat dizzy, I wanted to write it all down while it was still fresh in my mind. Everything appeared normal; the sun was shining, and the birds were singing. I thought, ‘Did we do it?’ Then the electric light blinked, the lights went off, the clocks began flashing, and my printer restarted. I chuckled and began writing as the lights came on as bright as ever.

Thank you God for allowing me to participate in this event !

Love to all.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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