Relax . . . And Let It Happen.

An experienced Akashic Construct participant writes

I wish I could somehow get this idea across to the new people on the 11:11 message board; the ones that are new to any kind of Stillness/Meditation. So many come to us and are fascinated. They never had a clue that you could talk to the Angels, or even that the Midwayers exist.

So naturally they want to ‘plop right down’, close their eyes, and hear the Angels talk to them. They expect that! Not even understanding that the greatest Gift of all waiting behind those closed eyes is the Creator Himself! It is a joy and a blessing when you hear and feel the Celestial helpers around you, but it is no substitute for the waves of love, and the life-changing closeness that develops as you come faithfully into Stillness with the Father.

My Celestial Teacher gave me a lesson once on that very thing. How do we tell the folks to relax, and enjoy the process that will be unique to them alone? How do we tell them to have no expectations, but to be with eager joy at each new revelation that comes precisely when we are ready for it?

Quiet Stillness with no preconceived expectations is wherefrom the real change -- the real education and strength for our daily lives -- is derived. And there is absolutely no guarantee that it will be easy. It isn’t easy to hear the voices in your ears or your mind. It is a process of growth, and it will plod along, and when you least expect it, “Pow!” Something will happen that will amaze and surprise you, and you will say, “Thank You, God!”

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