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An Akashic Construct Student Writes – July 9, 2006:

Some three months ago I was given a treatment by a friend, a healer, and, according to her, nothing was happening for quite some time. She seemed befuddled about having her first subject of countless ones, me, showing no reaction to the treatment she was undergoing. Suddenly she asked me, “Would you remove your eye-glasses, please?”

I did, and at that very moment the healer felt an incredible wave of energy – doing what it was supposed to do, I guess. I don’t really understand anything about Cranial Sacral Therapy, but whatever she did, felt better than just good.

George answers: For as long as I recall as I went into regular meditation – at least starting in 1962 -- I used to surface again after 10 or 15 seconds, having become aware of my wrist watch, and how it seemingly prevented me from drifting really deep. After some years, I simply stopped wearing the watch that simply by being on my wrist appeared to be a drag on my energy. Later, as I needed to wear glasses, they too irritated me, as do tight-fitting clothes.

For those who are new to meditation and or the Akashic Construct, the matter of wrist watches, eye-glasses and tight-fitting clothes may be un-noticed for a time, but it does help to remember to make yourself as comfortable as possible for optimum results.


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