“Midwayer” Robbie.

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The Urantia Midwayers have a code of ethics scripted out that is as long as your arm. They have an awesome number of dos and don’ts that would drive us uncontrollable humans right around the twist. Especially Dr. Mendoza (MNO8) is not only meticulous in his approach, he tends to be a perfectionist without equal as far as I have been able to determine.

We learned some two years ago that Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC22) was now in charge of 10 other Midway Troopers from other planets. It seems logical that the local Planetary Helper, with incredible local knowledge, would not simply join the ranks, and although I would not know this for sure, it seems Dr. Mendoza, would also not simply be just another healer in a greatly enlarged group of Midway Physicians, but a Centurion in his own right.

In answer to those who write in about physical problems, we have for some time suggested they call on Dr. Mendoza or any other Midwayer Healer in their area. Perhaps we should not mention any names. Perhaps there is a code that requires the Celestial that is called to actually personally turn up. Maybe I missed the point. And maybe for some other reason Dr. Mendoza is a little peeved with me, but I understand this to be the case.

(The abbreviated back-and-forth email conversation below:)

Participant: I was in bed thinking about your post, semi dreaming perhaps. Then I saw what seemed like an email address. I thought, “This is where.” I thought the address was sent by mistake from you. I didn't understand. I looked closer and saw a bunch of numbers but these letters were clear “ob” small, no caps. Then I think two more letters “ie”. Then I saw a man, just briefly. Not elderly by any means. Maybe around 50 with light brown hair... very average…not heavy or thin. Caucasian. Nice complexion, no beard or mustache. I saw him mostly from the side.

I was thinking “Oh Be” (ob) what does it mean? I thought an OB is an obstetrician but I am too old to have babies or the need of an OB/GYN. Was the “ie” two letters, or the sound? Midwayers have three letters, so I will ask George. Then I thought: The same ones who worked on my incision on the BACK of my throat chakra are back—first the left side and now the right. If they had done both at the same time I would have gone to a doctor or emergency room. I thought I was being prepared to deliver a message. But that is stupid, because there are many good receivers. Then I thought, “Ask George, maybe he can find out.” Then I jumped out of bed. What do you make of all this George?

PS. Last month, my new dentist removed all my metal fillings and put in porcelain - without asking or telling me he was doing it. He claims he did other stuff, like treating gingivitis, and he billed me over $4,000.00

George: What a slob! How dare he? Whatever he’s done is the likely cause of your neck being so sore. You need some antibiotics IMO. And ask for Dr. Mendoza or one of his helpers to get in there to fix the infection.

[In retrospect, the Midwayers may well have directed this dentist to do just that. It could have been important to get rid of the mercury in that metal. That dentist would not have stood a chance to ignore a Midwayer command.]

Participant: Yes, George! THAT makes sense. I told a friend and she said the same thing last night. Then this morning, I was still in bed (still dreaming maybe?) I had this “conversation.”

ME: Oh, I can swallow! There is no pain!

OTHER: Sorry.

ME: No, this is good.

OTHER: Tell George it is Robie (Robbie)

ME: I didn’t (previously) see the “R”?

OTHER: Just tell George.

ME: He will think I'm crazy.

OTHER: Just tell him. He will know.

ME: Know what?

That was the end of the conversation. George, if I had an infection would it be gone without antibiotics so fast? [Yes!] And, the only thing I think you will “know” is that I'm crazy for sure! [No!]

I trust you brother, or I wouldn't tell you any of this nonsense. Maybe my Teachers are testing me to see if I will do as told? “Tell George.” OK, I have. Now what do you make of it?

George: We are much too reticent to call on Midwayer Healers. We think of them last of all, instead of first up. Whilst all ours are about 28- or 30-looking, the likes of Mathew’s brothers are close to identical, I cannot see “Robbie” being any other than a Midwayer. No life Carrier would go around by the name Robbie, in my view, but MNO8 deserves more attention. Still, there are myriad Celestial species we do not yet know about, but for sure, Dr. Mendoza told me there were many “imported”, highly skilled healers that have recently arrived to assist. He did not say that they were all Midwayers, I think.

Right! The submission found at this URL, and it states “transient healers”.

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