Spiritual Up-stepping.

It’s a term I have often used, and it usually elicits a response like, “What on earth does it mean?” Well, in the last few weeks I’ve answered some ten or more individual inquiries about unusual symptoms related to spiritual up-stepping and these answers have been far from clear to most who posed the questions.

So here is a feeble attempt on my part, hopefully with some Midwayer assistance, to “edge a little closer” to coming up with an answer for all those on the 11:11 Akashic Construct List. You will all go through changes. It’s unavoidable, because you are shedding an old, worn-out skin belonging to the material world, to grow an entirely new, bright and shiny spiritual coat of many colors. You are indeed becoming more real to your Celestial kin.

Recently, I was delighted to hear from one of Elaine’s Destiny Guardians, Alverana: “We measure your growth like that of a child standing against the wall of eternity. We measure and mark your growth, and rejoice with each elevated mark on your Akashic Record . . .”

Brilliantly put! I love it! She is saying that Elaine has made changes to her life, and Alverana can see the changes in her aura, and note (and record) Elaine’s spiritual growth.

These growth spurts, which include a bonding with loving spirit, morontia, and angelic entities—thus with the Creator Father in fact—are clearly observed by many Celestial Entities as emitted light, which is returned to the Source from which all life originated.

However, we are body, mind, heart and soul, indwelt by a Fragment of that very Creator Father. We are whole, not separate parts, and changes in our spiritual growth can reflect in our moods, our feelings, even our physiology. The effects can be varied. These below are just from some of the inquiries:

I’ve been sad and angry for a few days now, but there’s no reason for it! Yes! We have a habit of looking back and chastising ourselves for having wasted time, sometimes years, for not having woken up to what is so obvious now—that we are spiritual beings, first and foremost, here to learn about our truly glorious destinies.

I’m sitting around crying, and I don’t know why. Maybe . . .
And maybe not! There are times when I’m through with a transmission, turn off the tape recorder, and find myself “profitless”, in a flood of tears, useless! Emotion has become too much, and I haven’t a clue about what’s on the tape, and by the next day I might only remember the Midwayer, or Teacher, who used my voice for a lesson. It’s simply a release (an abreaction) of life’s severe traumas.

I’m experiencing utter fatigue, George!
Yup! It’ll pass.

My stomach has been roaring for days!
It’s your reaction to sudden changes. People don’t take kindly to changes, even those that are for the better. We innately distrust change.

I’m OK now, but yesterday I could not get my brain into first gear. The whole day went by, and I accomplished nothing! Not a danged thing! I walked around aimlessly, that’s after I shamed myself out of bed!
No kidding!

In our spiritual growth we reach distinct milestones. Some call these Psychic Circles, even determine there are seven of them to be achieved in mortal life, but there are also intermediate “distance” pegs that should actually be celebrated, like all growing pains . . . and as our Destiny Guardians measure our spiritual growth against the wall of eternity.

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