Thought Adjuster Contact – Another Method.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – April 3rd, 2008.

In many of the Celestial transmissions we are asked to “Go Within” to hear “the Still Small Voice of God.” I have found what I believe to be another method to “hear” His voice and to interact with the Creator of All via our Thought Adjuster. This method I wish to share with you.

Do you know the feeling you get when hearing something stirring, such as beautiful music, or a stirring speech? The waves of goose bumps that flow over the body? I have come to understand that this may actually be our Thought Adjuster that is causing this sensation, and that was my key to making contact.

While in Stillness, or at other times when meditating, or where I have had a sudden insight about something spiritual, I experienced these same sensations; sometimes all over my body, but more often just a tingling in an area of my scalp. I began to realize that it must be my Thought Adjuster that was causing these physical responses as a way of confirming these new understandings. I began to differentiate both the intensity and the location of the sensations; sometimes at the base of my skull and top of my shoulders, at other times along the right side of my temple or other parts of my scalp, but at least, so far, never on my face, ears or neck.

Since coming to this realization, I have been trying to better understand the meanings of these feelings so that I may better communicate with my Thought Adjuster. Mind you, there have never been words or ideas popping into my consciousness about this that I’m aware of. I have not been very successful with meditation methods, but these physical feelings may come at any time of the day or night, whether I’m working, reading the paper, watching TV, driving, etc. I have become very sensitive to the sensation, and at times am aware of it almost continuously. It can also evolve into a very emotional experience, where I am overwhelmed by the intensity of it, to the point of crying out.

I have learned that I can ask a question either mentally or verbally (if I’m alone) that can be of either a spiritual or secular nature. Most times I will receive an answer; if positive - scalp tingling. If negative, either no answer or sometimes a heavy feeling from within -- a “don’t do this” kind of feeling. I’m trying to learn how to interpret the different feelings, and am making slow progress. I think it is somewhat akin to learning sign language.

My Thought Adjuster is pushing me to write this and has been doing so from the time I thought about “putting pen to paper” several days ago (a house guest prevented my starting sooner).

This discovery is gradually changing my life in a very positive way; it is like having your best friend, or older brother, or sister, always at your elbow, waiting to help, or provide a direction or an answer.

The biggest problem I have now is remembering to ask !

Even with this close contact with God, I still find myself doubting, being stubborn and difficult. In effect, I’m being human. Fortunately, my Thought Adjuster is patient and works around my intransigence. My Thought Adjuster is constantly at the ready, and believe me, I am incredibly grateful for having been given this wonderful Gift!

I believe the reason why my Thought Adjuster is pushing me to write this is to teach others that this may be a new way that God can be more closely involved with our lives and our future. It may be a part of the Correcting Time process, and may in fact be happening to others.

The method I wish to describe is not the way I learned, but I believe, and my Thought Adjuster confirms, that it should work just fine for anyone having a sincere wish to try.

The Method.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, and then either mentally or verbally, ask for contact. Speak to your Thought Adjuster -- that inner part of God that resides within you. Ask with the deepest sincerity and love that this is something you want to do to further your spiritual growth. And then wait and see if there is a physical response somewhere in your body.

It may be in your scalp or it may be somewhere else. Concentrate on what you feel, and how that makes you feel emotionally. From there on, you’re on your own to develop the relationship. Your Thought Adjuster will cooperate, and encourage you, have no doubt.

God bless…
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