The Akashic Construct Target.

Illawarra District, Australia, January 27, 2006.

“I’ll Be Frank” and Alice.

George: “Let us carry on. We both greet you our dear, dear friend.”

Frank: “Likewise, dear brother. It is I who greet you both. We greet you both. I want to speak to you today on a matter of importance, and perhaps you can glean a little more understanding on the subject I offer since you inquired.

“There is no such place in Nebadon that is completely empty. All throughout space, from headquarters to the furthest away star, or planetary system, space is pervaded, and what any traveler finds there is what you have named Zero-Point Energy. Zero-Point Energy has untold many uses.

“And so we delight in an ever greater number of you humans on Urantia beginning to understand the phenomenal possibilities of this energy without which most of us, your brothers and sisters in the Celestial Realm, would not be able to function, would not be able to move, and would not be able to live.

“It is so envisaged that in a few short years from this time the number of individuals involved with the use of Zero-Point Energy will be so great that no longer will ‘the lid be clamped down’ on that discovery. It is time for the majority of you to come to understand that you live not for self, that you live for another, that you live for each other, and that all on the surface of your planet are equal and must be cared for. As always I am brutally Frank about that which I have to say.

“This is ‘I’ll be Frank’ and his consort Alice. It is good to make your acquaintance, dear Sunshine. It is indeed a pleasure to meet up with you. It is indeed good to see that you are finding your way, that your plans are coming to fruition, and that you can go about your new tasks quietly, calmly, and with the positive insight that you will be successful. Our love and the love of many go with you.

“Now to the more immediate: I would like you to join me in an experiment. It is nothing outrageous, nothing too difficult. You are well prepared. You are well trained. You have the knowledge, you have the ability, and you have completed many similar experiments in the past. We will join you.

“I want you both to drift down to your pleasant scene in nature. I want you to call in “Jennifer Denton”, and I want you to encourage her to see her job through to the end. It is the business of Cherubim like us to know and understand how well-meaning this dear lady is. We on our part do not give a moment’s thought to her eccentric ways of behavior. She’s all bark and no bite. We care only about her good intent. I will give you some time now to bring her into your garden, to speak to her mind-to-mind, and for her to know that what it is you are doing relies on the energy that all of us use. It is the Zero-Point Energy, which all Celestial Beings can convert to their needs. It is much of our sustenance.

“This is Cherub Frank and his ever-loving consort, Sanobim Alice. I thank you for your time. I thank you for your attention. And I am ever so pleased that you would allow your mind to dwell on my input even before you went into stillness. We say our goodbyes and leave you now to (mind-to-mind) discuss your business with the target of our brief experiment for the good of all concerned.”


Notes: Jennifer Denton is not “the Akashic Construct target’s” actual name. The term ‘target’ is a typical ‘I’ll be Frank’ jest. Jennifer is quite a contributor, and she was the subject of a much needed healing. Outspoken, boisterous “I’ll be Frank” and rather timid Alice are Morontia Cherubim with hundreds of years of human psychology studies between them. They are attached to the 11:11 Progress Group as regular Teachers for any of our receivers.

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