A Great Teacher in my Akashic Construct Library.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – May 6, 2007.

Today I did the AC Relaxation exercises as well as the Akashic Construct. Before entering, I prayed, “I am here, Father, at least in body, and I am trying to be here in mind. I would like to talk to You, feel Your unconditional love around me. Please help me to center, to connect, and to find peace and hope to go on.”

I did not drift as deeply as I would have liked to, but I continued to try. I had a bit of a shock, because when I went to my special place in nature, it was not the same! Instead of my pleasant lagoon, there before me was the forest I roamed as a child, and instead of my dogs, Max and Murphy, my childhood pet, Butterball, ran out to greet me upon my arrival. I drifted in and out of Alpha with the questions that arose in my mind. Why? Why did I ‘recreate’ a place that was very special to me, but so long ago? I knew I did not do this on purpose.

I entered my Akashic library, and waited as the elevator rose to its full height. As I swung the curtain to the side, the hand of a mature person reached out and grasped my hand. I looked up, and into the face of a wise old gentleman, who was wearing robes of a time long gone.

His eyes were a piercing blue and he stepped with practiced ease into my library. “Come,” he said, as he led me to the couch by the window.
“ Who are you?” I asked.
“ I am one whom you know!” he replied. “A Melchizedek.”
Rather shocked, I could barely get the words out of my mouth, “Machiventa?”
He just smiled in a knowing way. “Do you know other Melchizedeks?”

He proceeded with, “I haven’t much time, so we will get down to business. You are doing a fine job taking care of your husband, but you are here for a reason. Despite your doubts, you made the best possible decision for everyone concerned when you left your home and moved far away. There are important things you are to do; things you will do!

“The world is on the brink of turmoil and change, but this time the chaos will leave a world ready for a new age of truth, peace, and beauty. These things are needed to change the tide of mankind’s inhumanity. You must prepare yourself; prepare your mind, your thoughts, your mental outlook.

“First you must let go of the inappropriate self-blame that is an ongoing process in your consciousness. You must examine all that has created the person you are today, both the good and the bad. Look at yourself and the events of your life in an honest way. Forgive those aspects of yourself that you feel ‘have left you in the lurch,’ and acknowledge those aspects of yourself that serve the Will of the Creator of Us All with such ease.

“Cultivate a loving heart, but please, leave room as well for a love of self. Just begin, and do the best that you can. We will be there to guide you along the way. The world is indeed changing. Rejoice in that world yet to come, which is already a fact, and not a dream any longer. Now is the time to prepare. There is really no time to waste.”

With these final words he stood and kissed me on the forehead, and with determined steps, walked away . . . seemingly into thin air.

I was left alone, and wondering if I had dreamed all this, even though I generally don’t allow any doubts to disturb my perceptions in the Akashic Construct.

I am left with the words, ‘The world is changing,’ still ringing in my ears.

Thank you Machiventa!

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