On Ten Consecutive days.


From the Desk of George Barnard – October 3, 2007.

By far the majority of 11:11 Akashic Construct Participants is doing well with the use of that simple tool. Some experience difficulties, and on occasions there is outright failure to achieve Celestial contact. There are no guaranties. I have answered a number of participants’ enquiries in detail, and managed to have ‘a closer look’ at why they experience difficulties, and making sure they get optimum results.

Here than are some of the answers.

Until 2000 I was never a channeler . . . at least not in the sense that you will most likely become one with the use of the Akashic Construct. I was a medium, plain and simple, because as a therapist, faced with the deeply disturbed and often suicdal patients, I needed to be accurate, and, ‘God-forbid,’ have any personal input into the suggestions and directions I gave my clients.

I would function at just a few Hertz, really deep, and whilst I inevitably gave credit to the Midwayers, the paths I laid out for my patients came from my Thought Adjuster, from the patients’ Thought Adjusters – from the Creator of All, and rarely from my Midwayer Friends. The Midwayers’ messages were subliminal, more often than not.

In 2000, after being advised to switch to channeling at a higher level (Alpha), I battled and battled, getting nowhere fast until Machiventa Melchizedek gave me his suggestions: “I want you to practice stillness (just a light trance) each day on ten consecutive days, and then you will hear from us.”

And so it was. I now use the Akashic Construct to relax, making sure I do not go too deep. I offer a prayer to the Creator Father, and wait until I hear or see one of my Midwayer Friends, Teacher Samuel, Michael, or my Destiny Guardians. It’s now a routine that’s as easy as falling off a log.

On ten consecutive days, or any old isolated day, the intent is all that counts.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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