Beware! It's Just a Theory.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – December 17th, 2009.

Hey George! I don't know what to do with him. He's there, and I'm looking at him in profile -- What a handsome guy! If I was ten years younger! Hmmm! -- but he's not looking at me, and he's not saying a word. He seems to be awaiting orders, or something.

From an earlier post: Same guy. I see him more clearly now. Looks to be about 30. Sharp features, well tanned. No facial hair, and 6' tall I would say. I'm sure he's a Midwayer, like you said. He oozes strength and personality. Hugs to you and Sunny . . . Teresa.

George: It's only a theory of mine. Over the years, hundreds of my theories have cracked like egg shells, or sprung really big leaks. I learned to be careful, so I'm only telling you what I think. It is this: Beyond the actual initial contact of you receiving the 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM 'how-dee-dos,' it's up to you to accept the Midwayer Helper/Teacher you are being shown. He's also not in your living room. He could well be on another continent, quite unaware of the presence of your out-of-body Thought Adjuster, who has remained in communication with your brain/mind, but is waiting for a clear signal from you.

Back in 1972 I was looking at the Chief (ABC-22) and he was on sentinel duty, high up on a rocky outcrop in Kiowa/Comanche territory (not Africa, as I first thought), and he did not perceive my Thought Adjuster allowing me to see him in profile. Not until I showed some interest did the Chief realize he was being watched by me.

Some vague kind of confirmation came in about 1978, or later, when my clinical efforts dealt with 'a veritable wave' of attempted suicides and PTSD cases, and I grunted at three of the Celestial crew, "Why d'ye pick on me?" Rightly the reply was, "You picked us!" Oh, yeah! So I did! With my Thought Adjuster as the intermediary, I had selected that (likely already existing) 11:11 Emergency Platoon as my Teachers. Too bad about the clinic's overload; it was my share, and part of the platoon's regular business.

Many years later, I tricked a Morontia Companion to look me in the eyes. It astounded me what I learned about that sweet little guy and his friends during momentary eye contact - a mere fleeting glance. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul. They can tell you anything, and there's no reason why you should have intimate details about "Mr. Handsome Guy" if you don't speak up, or show some interest, not misplaced fear. Free-will humans have the last say, Teresa.

And it's only just a wild theory of George Barnard.

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