A Tranquil, Focused State Of Mind.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – November 11, 2007.

The Akashic Construct is an all-round tool used by many healers, and those who want to connect with their Celestial Teachers, to achieve their dreams. According to the Celestial Artisan, Athena, there are few planets in our local universe that function without such a visualization/meditation tool. It ever was a naturally evolving method for myriad God-seeking mortals.

After practicing with the CD for a time, it is possible to put it away somewhere safe and just return to it from time to time, as the method has been established. Beyond the method of actually producing the visualization, there is one further step one can take – remembering and merely triggering that tranquil state of mind. In doing so, one can ‘transport’ the Akashic Construct from a darkened room to a sunlit beach, a leafy forest or a backyard patio – anywhere at all.

Your instructor does that, and so does this AC participant, who reports:

On my walk around the neighborhood, I felt called to go into the Akashic Construct and do some healing. I walked some more and thought about my day, and how impressed I was with a popular preacher on TV to whom I had listened that morning -- his positive messages, and how his words had touched my heart and mind. He had reminded me that healing was possible if one has faith; something I seem to have lacked of late. I had not gone into the Construct because I thought I was too busy with my job. However, there was also another reason, which I was not yet able to fully admit to myself. I felt there was not enough of the ‘real’ to the healings to make it real for me.

It takes place, after all, due to ‘my mind going to a place and re-creating the space,’ and so much of it seems to be me, that I wonder how much is real! But on that morning, the TV preacher had spoken in, what was to me, very personal and real terms, and I knew that my faith was the key in the lock of what is done in the Akashic Construct. I feel it is what I have done in the past, and what I should do more of, and so I am back there once more.

I took a shortcut to get to the Akashic Library, my mind abuzz with so much positive feelings on that day, and I was ready to do a healing. I asked for the young man who has a legal problem to present himself, and he arrived in my library by way of the elevator. Only at this point did I actually wonder what exactly one does about a legal issue.

I talked to the young man and told him that no matter what will happen, there will always be an open door, and not to forget that, even if things look dark. I gave him some friendly advice to pay attention to details if it were to become an ongoing issue, and to write down dates and these details in a journal, so he has the documentation he might be asked to present.

I told him to remain positive, and I said a prayer for all who would be involved, that the issue would be resolved well for all involved, for the best and highest good, for wisdom in judgments, and for all involved to forgive one another.

I gave the young man an inspirational book to take with him to read. It had a foreword or preface written by his guardian angel, and then I allowed that the book would be whatever the book needed to be for his highest good at this point in his life. Next up I asked him what gem he would like to take with him, and he thought about it, and chose a crystal clear one, because that is what he wanted his mind to be -- crystal clear. He left by way of the elevator.

I then asked for my ‘reality-check person’ to come up the elevator, and counsel me on how I am doing so far. He arrived and had his signature fedora with the huge checkmark on the front of it.

His humor was what I needed to help me deal with my questions regarding my focus -- my reality in the Akashic Construct. We conversed on my advice, and he reminded me to be focused before I start the process, for that will help me. Maybe he had a point. Maybe I am a little disorganized. I thanked him, and he also went down in the elevator.

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