Treating A Hypochondriacal Reaction.

AC Participant

I went into the Akashic Construct asking that a co-worker be brought there. She has suffered from a multitude of problems in every area of her life, many of which are not real. At one point during my journey to the AC, I went too deep, and I was brought back up by a very bright magenta rectangle displayed upon the screen of my mind. Although I go into the AC, I do not consider myself a natural healer, for I seem to always need assistance there.

I requested for my Thought Adjuster to actively participate. My acquaintance showed up almost immediately. I greeted her and looked around for a Midwayer, but did not see anyone. I said hello anyway, just in case there was a Celestial Helper around.

There was no need to wait for the elevator to progress. At first my acquaintance smiled, but that soon faded into a confused expression. After greeting her and explaining that she was there so that she could receive help, I had her move upon the stage where there was a bench for her to sit on. She seated herself and the lights came on, centering on her.

While the lights were on her, I put her through George’s relaxation procedure, moving my hands over the area that was being relaxed at that moment. The lights went through the rainbow colors beginning with the red. When the violet light came on, it lingered longer, then it became white. I spoke with her about her Father Fragment and told her how much she is loved. Then I sat down on a stool that appeared in front of her bench and took her hands which were wrapped in elastic ace bandages.

I held her hands in mine as I removed the bandages. Throughout the entire procedure I was sending her love, but when I took her hands in mine, I focused the love on her hands. By now she was smiling.

At this point I am necessarily a little vague in relating the circumstances, because for some reason there was actually a blank spot, but next up I was hugging her, and sending her back to the elevator, all the while I felt ‘the heat of love’ flowing out.

I watched her go down the elevator, which for me is unusual, because those who come to my AC usually just disappear, and do not wait on the elevator after I push the button. I said goodbye as she left, and I have to say that when I came out of my AC after this episode, I felt really good.

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