The Silver-Blue Tube

A Participant Writes on May 16, 2006.

I had one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had last night!
I was at the computer until late, when I had a gentle nudge to ‘get to bed’. I ignored it until the nudge became an ‘I insist you get to bed!’ and in my mind’s eye I saw a very tall figure behind me ‘urging’ me to get to my bedroom.

I got into my bed, trying to find a comfortable position, and as I was moving my head, I started to hear what sounded like a radio trying to tune into a station. It seemed as though my head was an antenna trying to pick up the signal. I kept moving my head trying to tune into that station, then suddenly I heard faint voices, and then the ride began.

Still wide awake, I felt my body starting to move, and soon I realized that I was flying, and that I could control where I was going -- up and down, and left and right -- as fast as I wanted to go. I was having an absolute blast!

I looked back at the tall being and then, suddenly, a silver-blue tube appeared right in front of my face. It was almost as though that tube was coming from me. I hesitated for a second, but then the being urged me to go ahead, and go into the tube. I took a deep breath and launched myself into the tube, flying at a speed so fast, I could barely comprehend.

All I remember after that was seeing stars and galaxies. I’ll never forget this for as long as I live! The feelings and emotions I experienced were almost beyond words, but ‘heaven’ is what comes to mind.

I felt everything! I was wide awake! I am still in awe over this!

The being was very tall, with a long type head and neck, very broad shoulders, and he was wearing a robe. Do you know who that might have been?

George: Likely this was a Life Carrier or a Celestial Engineer. They are both quite tall. Also, it’s not unlike their antics to amuse themselves with us, as they take their long breaks after working for days and nights (sometimes weeks) on end. However, I can’t be sure about this, as there are countless unrevealed species of Celestial.

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