An Unexpected Visit.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – January 19, 2008.

I placed the Akashic Construct disc in my Walkman, prepared to ask for a particular patient to turn up for me to heal. I pressed ‘play’ several times, but nothing happened. Perhaps the batteries were low, and I would have to go in without George’s soothing guidance this time. I did have some experience with going in alone -- during several medical procedures, and MRI’s -- so I quieted my mind, and started through the rainbow.

To my surprise, when I arrived at my pleasant scene in nature, a familiar figure, in a monk’s robe stood in the distance. It was Pascal, one of my Guides, whom I had met before in the Akashic Workshop! It was so good to see his gentle, smiling face. Impulsively, I ran up to him, hugged him, and told him how happy I was to see him again.

He placed his hands on my arms, said it was time for another meeting in the garden. I asked about the patient I was hoping to heal. His eyes twinkled as he said there was someone waiting in my workshop that would help me with her healing.

I ‘hit a double,’ which I’ve never done before! We walked over the rise, went down the stairs, and into the foyer. We walked through the room, to the back door leading to the garden, and sat down at one of the garden tables.

Similar to our first meeting, he placed a small wooden chest on the table, and told me to open it. There were 5 cards inside with a word written on each of them. He told me the cards would tell me what I have learned/gained over the past few years, as I have dealt with serious health issues. I picked up the cards, and read each one aloud: “Courage, Patience, Faith, Perseverance, Gratitude.”

Then he gave me 5 blank cards, asking me to write what I can give to others, based on what I have learned. The words came easily to me, as if I already knew them, and I wrote: Hope, Encouragement, Healing, Compassion, and Love.

He smiled and nodded his head. As a Teacher who was proud of his student. I asked if this lesson would soon be over, and if I would receive the healing I want so desperately. He said the healing I seek was rooted in Faith. Faith would determine my healing. He said, once this was resolved, I would continue learning, but the lessons would not be as demanding for awhile. I would receive the rest I need.

He said it was time to go, and we walked back to the building. He told me to sit in my chair, near the elevator, and my patient would be there soon. I then saw another familiar figure in my workroom standing in the shadows. I immediately knew who it was, and was so pleased to see him again. Pascal smiled, and said we would meet again, and then he disappeared.

I got up from the chair, and walked over to my familiar friend. He was very tall, and wore a long hooded robe, similar to Pascal’s. His face was concealed inside the hood, but I could see his long hands and fingers. Years ago, he had come to me in another Akashic Construct experience, when he handed me a root, called Turmeric, to heal another patient. The name Othello came to me, and this might have been the ‘human version’ of his name. (Previously he had explained to me telepathically that his name would be too difficult for me to pronounce.)

I told him I was glad to see him again, and he put his palms together in a prayer position, and bowed his head, as a nonverbal greeting. Next up I heard the elevator rising, so I turned to greet my patient. She had short blond hair, and was wearing a red jacket, white blouse, and plaid skirt. She was smiling, and very happy to be there. I welcomed her, and gave her a hug. I asked her to lie on the treatment table. Then, out of respect, I looked to Othello to direct the healing. He motioned for me to stand at the end of the table, and place my hands on her head, as in Reiki, to calm her emotions.

He slowly moved his long hands above her body, stopping at her torso. He reached down deep through her skin and tissues to her internal organs. I could see him grasping a very large tumor, and taking it out. There was a large, bloody hole left, but he took an instrument from the bench, and held it over the wound. The bleeding stopped, the tissues were pulled together, and they turned a light color pink. He told me mentally that she would feel sore for a few days, but the tumor was now gone.

She got off the table, and thanked both of us. I walked her to the elevator, and said goodbye. I didn’t know if she was the patient I had intended to heal, but I knew she was the patient I was meant to take care of.

I thought it was time to leave, and I turned to say goodbye to Othello, but he motioned for me to come back to the workshop, and lie on the table. It was my turn for a healing! This was totally unexpected! Wow! First I meet Pascal, then Othello heals my patient, then I get a healing! One never knows what’s going to happen in the Akashic Construct!

I climbed onto the table, and he moved his hands above my body, slowly. I could feel an energy current flowing through me. Then he stepped back, and a brilliant white light engulfed me. I had to close my eyes, the light was so intense. It felt warm, and strangely loving, as if it came from Father Himself. Many emotions went through me at once; joy, gratitude, relief, love. It ended, and I opened my eyes. Othello was standing there, and motioned for me to stand up. I felt as if in a daze, but said thank you to him, and again, he pressed his hands together, and lowered his head. (I’ve read that Celestial beings sometimes do that to honor the person’s Thought Adjuster.)

He disappeared, and I walked to the door, then, feeling a sudden surge of energy, and joy, I ran up the stairs, and woke up! I realized I should have taken it slowly, but this was such an amazing experience, I wanted to write it all down before I forgot some details!

I understand, now, why my CD player wouldn’t work. This experience took a lot longer than the guided session would have allowed. I should know by now, that everything happens for a reason, and to expect the unexpected in the AC!


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