An Akashic Construct participant reports.

Eternity is a concept we may ‘loosely’ comprehend. However, a true understanding is likely to escape us in this life. Thank heavens some of our Spirit Brothers and Sisters can either see into the future, or be advised of things to come, for them to take appropriate action. Midwayers often do turn up when urgently needed.

The Participant: It was on a clear day in February of 2000 when I was making my way to work thinking about the project for the day – educating a classroom of preschoolers about dinosaurs. A school bus had put out its stop sign on the two-lane highway. I stopped my car, leaving some 15 or 20 feet between my car and another vehicle also waiting behind the bus.

As I casually glanced in the rearview mirror, my heart skipped a beat. Someone in a sedan was barreling down on me, traveling at about 45 miles per hour, and less than a second away from rear-ending me. I was a sitting duck!

I tensed up. There was nothing I could do. I closed my eyes, and despite this, at that very moment of impact, there was a brilliant light I perceived through my eyelids. Right then, time stood still, but time started again with my having been bounced right across the opposite traffic lane into a restaurant’s parking grounds.

There I now was, slowly rolling across the parking grounds towards the restaurant’s main entrance with its large glass windows, and it came to me that now might be a good time to gently apply the brakes.

My treasured vehicle was a complete write-off, but I was unscathed, not a scratch, not even a headache, whilst the car that had hit me was an even worse wreck, the driver rather hurt by the airbag exploding in his face.

The policeman: “What action did you take to avoid this accident, Miss?”
Me: “I had just enough time to close my eyes.”
The policeman: “That was a good evasive maneuver!”

Eternity contains all time, and therefore all is foreknown. Our Akashic Construct participant plays a role of importance in this world. She contributes to the healing of her fellow citizens, and her world, in this, the Correcting Time. For the few seconds it took for her vehicle to be smashed, and catapulted across the freeway into a parking lot, she did not exist in our linear time-frame. She joined her Midwayer-rescuer in his/her time realm – the Midway Realm – to be urgently put back into her wrecked vehicle to apply the brakes just in time, linear time.
Indeed, a good evasive maneuver!

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