Why Are You Worthy?

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – November 8th, 2009.

Today I sang a solo for my church, and the power of the spirit hit me in such a way, I felt like it wasn't even me singing. The feeling was so overwelming, I almost cried.

Something was going through me. It is hard to explain. I saw blasts of light during the sermon, and I felt the pastor was in the zone of the spirit. Anyway, that afternoon, I felt like I was coming down with a cold and tried to take a nap, but Icouldn't sleep.

A voice told me to do the Akashic Construct, and so I first practiced with the second track to get into my relaxation mode. In the third tract -- the Construct -- I met my guardian angel. I have seen him in my dreams before, but it was nice to meet him this way.

He was very beautiful with blond curly hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a white robe. He gave me a hug. Then I saw a beautiful lady with dark hair. Is the lady one of the 1,111? I also saw the Indian guy with the spear and long headress feathers. He looked at me with an angry face and said, "Why are you worthy?"

I told him I wanted to help people and do the will of the Holy Spirit. He didn't say anything else, but then other Celestials with white robes came around me, and welcomed me and my guardian angel gave me another hug.

I felt 100 times better and now don't have a cold. My body still feels a little tingly.

George notes: Your report represents a Spiritual Enlightenment event. It heralds the arrival of the first aspect of the Morontia Mind - a mind endowment that allows clearer communication with the 1,111 Secondary Midwayers and some of the 50,000 Primary Midwayers. Congratulations! And so, the lady with the dark hair is very likely a Midwayer. I don't know this. However, you were privileged to meet up with Onamonalonton, a very wise man. That is certain. I just asked the Chief.

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