A View From Up There.

A Submission to the Akashic Construct List

It was in July of 1987 when I was busy rescuing a company about to go to the wall big time. One of the owners of that organization still had some 100,000 shares in a gold mining company, and I told him that she (the market) was going to crash in September, and he should cash in on his shares. He would be able to buy them all back later, and for half the price, or even less.

That evening, stretched out on the couch, I wondered about the prediction that had come from one of our more “commercially informed” Midwayers, but I was still concerned about the mining company’s reserves of gold still underground.

With the TV blaring, and two noisy kids in the room, I immediately found myself about a mile up in space, some 200 miles from home, surveying the total of that gold miner’s reserves, and I was instantly sure the stock would re-bounce. There was still plenty of gold there.

That trip and vision was courtesy of Urantia, the very Feminine, Evolving Deity of time/space of our planet, also known as the Planetary Offspring of God the Supreme, the Planetary Embryo of God the Supreme, Mother Earth, or (perhaps) Gaia.

She knows where every nugget of gold is buried, and since the Midwayers and I have often been involved in things that She wanted done, healings, etc., She decided to repay me with a grand vision of all that buried, sparkling gold still underground on the gold miner’s claim.

Thank you for reminding me, dear AC student!

Did the man sell his shares? No.
Did the market crash? Yup. That’s history, and September 1987 it was.
Did the stock re-bounce? Oh, yes!
Was the near-bankrupt company saved, anyway? You bet!
Did I document the event? Only just now.

I had kind of forgotten. Anyway, give me a break! Journaling is what I recommend you all do with your experiences! I mostly, lazily, shamelessly use the Midwayer’s supreme memories to remind me.

Oh, dear!

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