Philip’s Angelic Warning !

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – August 16th, 2008.

A little while ago, my husband had an astonishing experience, which changed his entire spiritual beliefs in one go . . . well . . . just about ! He’s happy enough for his experience to be known. Bless him, he said he’d prefer for me to write it, as I write a little better than he does, otherwise he would have written it himself.

In the past (I have to tell you) he always dismissed my remarks about number prompts and Midwayers being everywhere, and always ready and willing to help us. But millions of folk can’t be wrong, I used to say.

Around the time we moved to our new location, Phil was working with a firm that did most roadworks, including the upkeep of the two main roads (the N198 and N195) on this island of Corsica. On this particular day, his job was to stand in the middle of the road with a STOP/GO sign, as the hedge-trimming truck, taking up half of the road, slowly cut away all the overgrown greenery, and tree branches. (A few kilometres behind was another colleague with a similar STOP/GO sign.)

Phil had been doing this job for almost 2 weeks already, and felt much more confident as he was now used to it. However, he woke up on that morning with a funny feeling, but he ignored it. Almost from the minute he picked up his sign, he started to see many number prompts, and it was only 5 o’clock in the morning. He saw too many prompts to keep count of ! They were mostly 1111, 111 and 444. By 10 AM he was starting to become quite nervous. It didn’t feel as if the Midwayer’s were simply trying to get his attention to say, ‘hello’ or anything lighthearted. So, throughout the rest of that working day, Phil was on guard.

Work finally finished and his guard was down. He already anticipated having a cool dip in one of the natural pools before coming home. He had to walk on the main road for a short distance to get to his car. A huge lorry was slowly coming towards him, but there was plenty of space on the road. Suddenly a very clear and commanding voice warned him urgently: “Phil ! Get onto the grass verge now !”

It was the kind of voice one didn’t hesitate to obey, and he did exactly as the voice had ordered, despite the grass verge being quite uncomfortable and difficult to walk on. Then it happened, and with such speed, all witnesses had no time to blink ! A young man came speeding from behind, seemingly out of nowhere, smashed into the lorry, and ended up in a bit of a mess at the exact point where Phil had only moments earlier been standing !

The lorry driver later told Phil how he’d noticed Phil jumping onto the verge and found that a little strange. Then how shocked he was when the car ploughed right onto the spot he’d been standing. But Phil was still in shock to answer coherently, saying only: “I had a warning ! An Angel warned me . . . in my head, a voice !” The man in the car was quite all right, and extremely glad no-one was hurt.

Later, still in his shocked state, he asked a few times: “It’s like what happened to you ! Was it my Angel warning me ?” I answered: “No doubt about it Phil ! I reckon you had Midwayer intervention ! Why ? I haven’t the foggiest idea. That’s one not many can answer.”

Dear George, I do hope it’s up to your standard !

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